The Rensselaer IDEA Cluster & Other Services

SUMMARY: The Rensselaer IDEA Computing Resources:

  1. The Rensselaer IDEA Computing Cluster

    • 4 x 48 core compute servers, 3 x 256GB RAM, 1 x 512GB RAM

    • 4 x GPUs (one server)

    • 1 high capacity (43.5 T), shared storage server

    • R installed on four servers (MRO + MKL, ie multithreaded R)

    • Web-based RStudio Server analytics platform (two servers)

    • Graph and other database capabilities provided through virtualization

  2. The Rensselaer IDEA Campfire:

The IDEA Campfire is a novel multi-user, collaborative, immersive computing interface. Unlike its HCI predecessors, rather than an environment or a window into an application, The Campfire is itself a spatial object that forms a focal point for presentation, data-exploration, and collaboration. It is an immersive interface that achieves its immersion by focusing individual and group attention rather than overwhelming the user.


  • IDEA Cluster: 4 x 48 core + 4 x GPU + storage

    • High performance computation (RPI Internal)

    • Group-oriented data confinement for project teams, classes

  • IDEA Campfire: Multi-dimensional Immersive Visualization

    Campfire Image
    The Rensselaer IDEA Campfire Lab


  • IDEA Hosted Data Analytics Environment

    • Shared analytics environment for teams and classes

    • RStudio Server: Cluster-based RStudio for individuals or teams

    • JupyterHub: Shared Jupyter Notebooks environment

  • IDEA Data Analytics

    • General or focused practical tutorials ("Bootcamps") on methods

    • Data INCITE Lab: Applied data analytics research (internal, external funding)

  • IDEA Facilities: Data INCITE Lab (AE217), Campfire, meeting spaces

  • IDEA Speaker Series